Adrienne Lowe

Adrienne Lowe

Engineering Manager

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Adrienne is an experienced engineering leader and director of distributed development and ops teams, and a keynote speaker beloved for her ability to inspire and motivate. Her recent work experience includes directing engineering and ops at an early-stage startup and before that, at a mature SaaS company. Open-source and community work is important to Adrienne. She is a mentor at CollabLab, where she guides co-horts of early career developers in the role of tech lead and product owner as they work remotely to collaboratively build a real-world software project. She is also the author of the Imposter Syndrome Disclaimer, a framework for open-source Contributing Guides which has been adopted by projects as diverse as Netflix's Cloud Security Team, the BeeWare Project, and MetPy. She also served as Director of Advancement of the Django Software Foundation, the non-profit behind Django. Adrienne is an O'Reilly contributor and technical editor of Head First Python 2nd Edition. Adrienne is based in Music City: Nashville, Tennessee.

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